Debt and Debt Collection

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What To Do When a Collector Calls

This client-focused handout contains information and tips about how to handle a call from a collector or someone collecting a debt on another's behalf. Current as of 11.11 

Debt Validation Letter

Debt Validation LetterThis interview allows consumers to create a Debt Validation Letter which they can send to debt col

Stop Contact Letter

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act is a federal law that requires collection agencies to stop contacting you if you send them a letter stating that you wish to stop contact.  Complete the interview in the link below to create this l

Credit Report Dispute Letter

Your credit score is a tool businesses use to measure your creditworthiness - how likely it is that you will repay a loan.  Equifax, Experian and Transunion each compile a report of your credit  history to d

Affidavit to Declare Bank Account Only Contains Social Security

This affidavit can be filed pre or post judgment in a court action. Filing it, when true, cautions the creditor from attachment on the account.  The controller of the Currency has established rules that require banks to protect up to 2 months

Wage Garnishment

This site has wage garnishment for many states, including Kansas. It has only basic information and does not apply to a garnishment for child support, only debts. 

Payday Loan Information

In recent years, the majority of mainstream lenders have left the small loan market, leaving a vacuum being filled by companies offering payday loans. These are extremely high interest loans that extend until the borrower's next pay check. This ar

Kansas Housing and Consumer Counseling

The Credit Counseling Program is available in person at Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan and Emporia office locations. The "contact us page" provides both the address and phone number to find locations and schedule an appointment. Interviews are confid

Debt Collection Information

This brochure discusses your options as a consumer when debt or debt collection becomes overwhelming. Nearly all of the 2 to 3% of the households who are behind on their bills were current until they faced a financial catastrophe like unemployment

Claim of Exemption

File this form to ask for a court hearing when your income is exempt from garnishment in a collections matter.