Elder Law

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Grandparent Rights

This is an article that outlines grandparent's rights in terms that the lay person should understand. If you want a more lawyerly item please email Paul Shipp. This can be used as a handout in a community legal education seminar.

Do I need a Will?

This informational handout and checklist were prepared as a handout for clients who are considering a will and looking at alternatives. Current as of 9/08.

Abuse and Exploitation

This is an SRS website that explains elder abuse and exploitation and provides a way to report it. SRS Adult Protective Services can assist in identifying abuse and resources to stop it. For Kansas elders, this is the primary starting point for bo

Simple Will

For use in uncomplicated estates that do not require filing with the probate court; grants authority to a specific person to care for your affairs and designates how you would like your property distributed. 

Sample Guardianship Plan - Adult

Power of Attorney in Kansas

This two page brochure highlights the use of a general power of Attorney in Kansas. It provides contact information for the Kansas Elder Law Hotline. 

Power of Attorney for Children

This form can be used to give another person the authority to care for your child in an emergency. It should be used if you will be leaving your child in the care of someone else for more than just a day, but may be useful to provide to a daycare

Personal and Household Inventory

 This 61 page booklet was prepared by a division of the University of Illinois. It can be downloaded. It prompts the user through preparing a list of every item of household property. This list can be helpful in the event of an insurance clai

Kansas Termination of Guardianship

This packet can be used to terminate a guardianship of a person who has died. It includes instructions, petition for termination of guardianship, order for termination of guardianship, and the guardian's final report. If there is also a conservato

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

This 2 page pamphlet reviews topics associated with grandparents who find themselves raising their grandchildren. Topics of legal custody and guardianship are addressed.