Poverty in Kansas and the United States

2014 Kansas Conference on Poverty July 16 - 18

A sharp rise in poverty in Johnson County, Kansas

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Wichita Eagle Editorial: Combat Child Poverty

Sobering but not surprising, the news that childhood poverty has worsened in Kansas should draw the attention not only of Gov. Sam Brownback but of all Kansans.

Because the 2013 Kids Count report released this summer by the Annie E. Casey Foundation is based mostly on 2011 data, it’s the first to reflect the state under the leadership of the GOP governor, who counted reducing childhood poverty and improving fourth-grade reading among the key goals for his administration and whose childhood-poverty task force met again in June.  Read more.


           Who does the most and least to fight poverty?

We live in the richest country in the world, and yet 1 in 7 of every Americans lives in poverty. That’s forty-six million Americans, more than one in five children and nearly one in three single-parent families who are poor. Despite the tremendous need in 2012, Congress did virtually nothing to improve their lives. Read about the Kansas congressional record.

As communities prepare for the annual "Point in Time" Count of the homeless in January, 2013, we hear stories about the escalating number of persons experiencing homelessness in our country and around the world.  What is the best way to help?

Read this opinion piece by Frida Ghitis, world affairs columnist for The Miami Herald and World Politics Review.

Read more here: http://voices.kansascity.com/entries/tackling-poverty-kansas-take-more-shotgun-push-alter/#storylink=cpy

Poverty affects more Americans than we think, rising poverty among children is particularly harmful to our society, poverty increase health risks, and seven more good reasons to be a warrior against poverty:  

10 Reasons why cutting poverty now is good for our nation


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