Living Will with notary

This version of a statutory Kansas Living Will may be witnesses by a notary, rather than two unrelated witnesses 

Living Will form with witnesses

This version of the Kansas statutory living will can be signed by two unrelated persons as witnesses. 

Power of Attorney/Do Not Resuscitate

Assigns certain powers to your designated agent to make health care decisions when you become unable to do so. 

Power of Attorney in Kansas

This 2 page brochure highlights the options available in a Power of Attorney created under Kansas law. 


This form may be signed prior to a hospitalization to make clear your wishes in certain health care situations. A copy should be provided to the hospital, at admission. You may also wish to provide one to your primary doctor. 

Advance Directive

Assigns certain rights to your designated appointee to make decisions regarding your medical care if you become unable to do so.

Power of Attorney for Healthcare

Use this document to designate the person who will carry out your health care instructions in case you are not conscious or are unable to make those decisions. You do not have to designate a family member but if you do, make sure to give that person a notarized copy. Also share the document with other family members and give a copy to your doctor. This document only gives powers to your designated person while you are living and you may revoke or change it at any time.

Advance Directive/Do Not Resucitate

Make your wishes known ahead of time, before you become unable to do so. This document should be shared with family members and a copy given to your primary physician so they are aware of your wishes. This document requires that you be "of sound mind" so you should not wait until serious illness strikes, otherwise it may be subject to challenge by family members who disagree with your choices.