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What to do if there are problems using this interactive interview:

In order to use this program to make free legal documents, you will need the following software on your computer:

Adobe Flash player: This is very standard software that you can download free.  Click here to download.  If you aren't sure if you have Adobe Flash player already, try to download it and it will tell you if you have the software already.  Unfortunately, Adobe Flash is not supported by i-Pad or i-Phone systems at this time.

Microsoft Word or Word Perfect are software used for developing documents. If the computer you are using uses Notepad or some other program for word processing,you may have difficulties with the interactive interview. Please make certain that you have Microsoft Word or Word Perfect available before you begin this process.

The browser that works best with the interactive interviews is Internet Explorer 9.  Other browsers will work, but may make the process more difficult, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.


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