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Information for the Kansas Sheriff's Association Advance Directive Project

You can get basic information about Kansas law on Living Wills and Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care here.

The Kansas Bar Association will host an outreach event with the Kansas Sheriff's Association in Hutchinson on November 13 and in Topeka on January 27.  

On November 13, conference attendees will be able to have various advance directives notarized by Kansas Bar Association staff.

On January 27, conference attendees will be able to speak with legal professionals and have advance directives prepared for them, for their signature at the event.

Documents are available for your preparation and review.  When you click below to go the appropriate document, you will go to a website maintained by Lawhelpinteractive.  The staff at Kansas Legal Services has prepared these documents.  You will see the terms of use listed and have to agree to them.  These forms are provided to you, through the Kansas Sheriff’s Association, a Kansas not for profit corporation. In that way, this project meets the terms of use as outlined.  You may choose to “sign up” on the site.  Signing up can avoid you answering the same questions as you go from document to document.  It is not necessary to complete the documents below. When the documents are complete, you should save each document in a place you can return to and print them for signing.

To prepare a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, click here.  You will answer some questions about who you want to appoint as your health care agent to make medical decisions for you and when you want the document to take effect (immediately or when you are determined disabled by a medical provider).  A document, consistent with Kansas law, will be assembled for your review and signature, before a notary public.  Instructions on the bottom of the document advise you about what to do with the document, once it is signed. 

To prepare a Living will, click here. A living will is your statement to your physician that should you have a terminal illness you do not wish to have your life artificially sustained by mechanical devices, such as breathing machines.  You should only complete this document if that is your personal belief and desire.  Signing this document allows you to make this decision, rather than putting that burden on your health care agent. You will answer some questions including your name.  A document, consistent with Kansas law, will be assembled for your review and signature.  It can be signed in front of a notary public or witnessed by two unrelated persons, not responsible for your health care.  

To review a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order, click here.  This document, consistent with Kansas law, is usually signed in conjunction with a physician, when a person has a medical condition and that person does not want cardio-pulmonary resuscitation performed on them.  You should only sign this document if it is your personal belief and desire.  The document must be signed by yourself and a witness to your signature.  

In addition to these documents, a review should be undertaken of beneficiaries to financial resources.  Have you signed documents that list the appropriate beneficiary to pension benefits available from your employer?  Do bank accounts, cars and homes have a co-owner or a pay on death beneficiary? 

You should establish a day each year (like your birthday) to review the plans that you have made and make sure they designate your current wishes.

Options for preparation of wills may be discussed at the conference events. However, those documents must be prepared with the participant’s attorney.   Participants who want to prepare a will may contact an attorney through the Kansas Bar Association Lawyer Referral Project

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