Tips for Attorneys: Working with deaf and deaf-blind clients

The Northwest Justice Project has just posted four new videos in American Sign Language on NJP’s YouTube Channel. 

The first video presents tips for advocates working with Deaf and Deaf-Blind clients and was written by Kristi Cruz in collaboration with Abused Deaf Women's Advocacy Services and the Deaf-Blind Service Center: 

 10 Tips for Attorneys Working with Deaf and Deaf-Blind Clients: A Video in ASL


ASL narration provided by: Frannie Biderman, Libby Stanley, Angela Theriault, Patty Liang, Allie M. Joiner, Kellie McComas Shapard, Anna Bracilano, Maru Alltop and Kim Fulwiler.

Production Interpreters: Kaden Mack & Elizabeth Rothman

Table of Contents