Kansas Cold Weather Rule in effect November 1

The Cold Weather Rule was first put in place by the Kansas Corporation Commission in 1983. It bars or limits utility companies from stopping a customer's natural gas or electric service during times of very great cold.

Utility companies are not allowed to cut a customer's service when the weather will be at or below 35 degrees over the next 24 hours.

Any residential customer with a past due balance will be fit for a payment plan under the Rule. However, it is the customer's duty to contact the gas or electric company to set that up.

The rule also calls for utility companies to offer a 12-month payment plan. This is to allow users to keep or restore utility service.

The Cold Weather Rule applies only to residential customers of electric and natural gas utility companies under the KCC's area of control.

Kansas Corporation Commission cold weather rule.





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Kansas Cold Weather Rule in effect November 1

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