Kansas Safe at Home Program

Safe At Home is an address privacy program made possible in Kansas for the victims of domestic or sexual abuse, trafficking or stalking. Through the program, approved members would receive their mail at an alternate address (a post office box) which would then be forwarded to their private home address.

This program is a great addition to any safety plan. Victims, their minor children or family members living in the same home as the victim can apply. All City, county and state offices must accept the alternate address of an approved participant and, although they don’t have to, private groups may chose do so as well. Through the program, participants can also register to vote while keeping their address private.

To apply:

Victims must meet with a certified enrolling assistant to discuss safety planning and complete the application form. A list of qualified enrolling agents is available here.

For more information:

Please visit the Safe At Home program site, accessible HERE. 

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