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Kansas is part of a national network to provide free legal assistance to income-eligible persons.

If you want advice on a legal issue in Kansas, apply to get answers by going to:

The program, hosted by the American Bar Association in partnership with the Kansas Bar Association, launched in the fall of 2016. The service expands legal services for those who cannot afford an attorney. Users have to meet eligibility guidelines in Kansas.

Civil legal questions (up to three per year) may be put online and users will get an answer via email.

The site is always available online and open to receive questions 24/7.  All questions asked on ABA Free Legal Answers are protected by attorney-client privilege.

The free virtual legal advice model began in Tennessee and was adopted by the American Bar Association to take nationwide. The program is supported by a long list of organizations and is a project of the ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service. Read more here.

Along with giving legal advice, the program gives attorneys an opportunity to give back through volunteering.

Marilyn Harp, member of the KBA Access to Justice Committee and Executive Director of Kansas Legal Services, said:

“Many Kansans do not have access to information about how laws apply to their own lives. We appreciate the work of the Kansas Bar Association and volunteer attorneys who are working to expand this valuable new approach in Kansas. The resource is a good companion to the forms and education currently available on the Kansas Legal Services website ( Making free legal answers available virtually nationwide will be helpful to a great many people.”

Eligibility requirements

When you go to the website, you will fill out an application to find out if you are eligible for free services.  Generally, you can use this website IF all of these are true for you:

Your income is low for a family the size of yours

Your cash, checking account, savings account, stocks or bonds are not worth too much.

You aren't locked up in jail or prison.

Your legal problem isn't something you can go to jail for.

You haven't already hired a lawyer to help you with your legal problem.

The site application asks questions to make sure you meet these rules. You must tell the truth.

If you don't meet the rules you can't use the website.

But, if you can't meet the rules, staff of the site will tell you if they know another place where you might get help.

If you agree to the rules of the website

Clicking the "Agree" button means:

You read and understand the rules.

You agree to tell the truth and give all the information you know about your legal problem.

You agree to post only three questions about three legal problems in any calendar year.

You will not create a new account to ask additional questions.

If you don't agree with these rules, you may not use this website.

About the lawyers

The lawyer who answers your question is helping you for free. The lawyer will only talk about the problem you put on the website. The lawyer will not help you after that or do anything else for you.

The lawyer will not make calls or file papers for you. The lawyer will not go to meetings or to court for you.

If you use this website, it means you understand this. The lawyer who answers your legal question will be legally authorized to practice law in the state where you live. The lawyer will say what the law is for the state where you live. Laws may be different in other states.


If you need answers to a legal problem in another state, you can see if that state is participating in this program by going here:


If you want advice on a legal issue in Kansas, apply to get answers by going to:


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