2018 Wichita Fall Expungement Drive

Through the Kansas Bar Foundation CRHA Grant Program, Kansas Legal Services and the Wichita Bar Association are holding an expungement drive this fall


What is an expungement?

An expungement is the sealing of criminal conviction, diversion, or even an arrest.  After an expungement, qualifying criminal convictions can only be discovered by certain individuals, and only has to be disclosed in certain situations.  An expungement basically removes a conviction from your record.


What is an expungement drive?

Individuals interested in removing a qualifying conviction from their record apply online at www.kansaslegalservices.org or by phone (1-800-723-6953).  If you apply after September 30, 2018, you will be considered for a future expungement drive or helped by a KLS attorney.


What’s the timeline?

Applications for this project will be accepted August 15, 2018 - September 30, 2018.  Applicants will then be prescreened.  If you qualify for an expungement, you will have to pay a $20 background fee to obtain the information needed for your expungement.  Your case will then be given to a volunteer attorney to draft your documents.  Your documents should be prepared and handed off to the district attorney or prosecutor by December 1, 2018.  The prosecutor will then review the documents to verify your case qualifies.  This can take some time, but we anticipate all cases being completed by early spring 2019. 


What are the requirements to get an expungement?

  • You must not have any pending criminal cases. 
  • You must not have had any contact with law enforcement in the last two years. 
  • At least 3 to 5 years must have passed since you were released from probation and all supervision (depending on crime). 
  • Removing your record must be consistent with the public welfare.


What crimes are NOT eligible for expungement?


Indecent liberties with a child

Aggravated indecent liberties with a child

Criminal sodomy

Aggravated criminal sodomy

Indecent solicitation of a child

Aggravated indecent solicitation of a child

Sexual exploitation of a child

Aggravated endangering a child

Abuse of a child

Capital murder

Murder in the first degree

Murder in the second degree

Voluntary manslaughter

Involuntary manslaughter

Involuntary manslaughter while driving under the influence

Sexual battery when the victim is less than 18 years of age

Internet trading in child pornography

Aggravated internet trading in child pornography

Aggravated incest

Endangering a child

Aggravated sexual battery

Commercial driving under the influence, including any diversion for such violation

Any comparable offense if the conviction was in effect at any time prior to July 1, 2011.


How do I qualify for this project?

This project is only covering adult conviction or diversions in Sedgwick County or the City of Wichita.

After application, you will be contacted about whether or not you are eligible for expungement.  There are some requirements tied to this project:

  • You will have to sign a participation agreement and agreement of representation in order to obtain a volunteer attorney. 
  • You will have to pay a $20 background fee to obtain case information, and you will have to fill out a poverty affidavit with your income and asset information in order for the county court to reduce or waive your filing fee (usually about $200). 
  • If your case is in the City of Wichita, you will have to pay your filing fee ($90 per police case number). 
  • Due to Kansas Legal Services’ funding, you must also be and sign a statement that you are a citizen of the United States or a lawful permanent resident. 


What information will I need to apply?

Personal ID information, income information, and information about your case, such as: when you were arrested, case number, what crime you were charged with, what crime you were convicted or diverted of, date you were released from all supervision)


How do I apply for the project?

Call the Application Line 1-800-723-6953 during business hours . If you apply after September 30, you will not be part of this particular expungement drive, but KLS will help you if resources are available.





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