KLS Helps Thousands of Kansans Per Year

Here are just a few of the stories about the fine work done by KLS staffers to help people resolve legal barriers that compromise their well-being. 

Attached is a flyer with these stories, and a map that shows the location of KLS field offices in Kansas.


Woman and Disabled Daughter Stay in Home

“Mary” was a 73-year-old woman who had owned her home for over ten years. She struggles with poor health and cares for her adult, disabled daughter. She defaulted on her mortgage following a decline in her health. Her attempts to cure or modify the mortgage on her own were unsuccessful and a foreclosure action was filed. She did not respond to the foreclosure case and a default judgment was entered against her.
After learning about the judgment, Mary contacted Kansas Legal Services for assistance. We entered our appearance and had the judgment set aside. We assisted Mary with a loan modification, which reduced her monthly payment to an amount she could afford. The foreclosure action has been dismissed and Mary, with her disabled daughter, is able to remain in her home with an affordable monthly mortgage payment.


Family is Safe from Abuse


KLS helped a mother of two children, “Jen.”  Jen and her children were living in an isolated rural area and KLS helped them relocate through a PFA order protecting all three from their abuser. We helped Jen obtain a divorce and develop a parenting plan that will protect the children. This family’s life has been changed by not having to be dependent upon the abuser for transportation and support. The family located to a more populated area and has been able to reconnect with relatives, obtain a residence and Jen was able to find employment.



Senior Woman Gets Deposit Back

“Gayle,” a 75-year-old woman living in subsidized housing, decided to terminate her lease and move in with a friend because both were having health problems and could assist each other. She gave 14 days written notice to her landlord and moved out by the end of the month. When Gayle asked for her security deposit, the landlord informed her it was "forfeited" because she had "only" given 14 days instead of 30 days notice. The landlord acknowledged there was no actual damage to the property but was still retaining the security deposit. KLS was able to negotiate a settlement with the landlord. Gayle received her $547.00 security deposit back as well as additional damages. In total, she received $957.25 in damages. 


Email to KLS Attorney from Woman Helped in Starting New Life

“I wanted thank you so much for all you did to help me get my life back. I am a different person now (at least that is what everyone keeps telling me). I find myself smiling most of the time now.

“I graduated from FHSU with my bachelors of science in nursing a couple weeks ago and finally own my own home. The boys and I are still settling in! Hope you are doing well.”


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