Do you have a suspended drivers license in Kansas?

Your right to drive should not be based on your income

Driver’s license suspensions are a major barrier to maintaining employment, getting to the doctor’s office, taking children to school, and going to the grocery store. The system-wide practice of suspending driver’s licenses for unpaid debt dramatically impacts the economic wellbeing of the individual, household, and community. Research also shows Kansans of color and those experiencing poverty are disproportionately impacted by debt-related driver's license suspensions, and, on average, their suspensions last longer.

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137,450 Kansans' driver's licenses are suspended due to unpaid fees and fines as of June, 2019

5th  -  In 2018, Kansas had the fifth highest suspension rate in the country

71% of new suspensions were due to unpaid tickets, court costs and/or fines

Have you been directly impacted?

You have the power to impact change. 

Kansas Appleseed and Kansas Legal Services are researching the status of driver’s license suspensions/revocations in Kansas. We are looking at the relationship between unpaid court debt, including fines, fees, court costs, and interest or penalties on unpaid fines and fees, and the suspension or revocation of drivers' licenses.

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Survey on Driver's License Suspensions and Revocations




Do you have a suspended drivers license in Kansas?

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