COVID-19 Legal Updates Relating to Seniors

As a quick note of interest to Kansas seniors, the following are answers to some of the most commonly asked COVID-19 legal questions that have recently arisen:

Is the COVID-19 Moratorium on Foreclosures and Evictions still in place?

Many of you may have heard that due to COVID-19, the legislators, both Federal and State, placed a 120 day moratorium on evictions and foreclosures that arose due to the CoronaVirus. 

As of the end of May, 2020, that moratorium expired for all state foreclosures and evictions, unless they participated in Federally subsidized programs, such as HUD housing programs, or if the mortgage on the property is Federally backed, for example by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.  

The moratorium on evictions and/or foreclosures related to such Federally subsidized programs is set to expire on July 25, 2020.

Can a Medicaid Recipient keep his or her Stimulus Check?  

If you are on Medicaid and received a $1,200 Stimulus Check from the Federal Government, you need not worry about that affecting your Medicaid Eligibility. 

Under Medicaid rules, a stimulus payment is not counted as income nor is it counted as a Medicaid resource for 12 months. 

In other words, for the first year, the stimulus payment cannot cause you to have “too much” savings. 

Also, in general, a Medicaid recipient can spend the stimulus money as they wish, including gifts and charitable contributions. 


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