Who We Serve

Who Do Our Employment Training Programs Serve?

Individuals enrolled in Kansas Legal Services employment training programs are generally classified as “economically disadvantaged.” More specifically, this group includes:

  • Those on TAF (welfare) that are required to be enrolled in job-related activities as a prerequisite for cash assistance.

  • People considered “Dislocated Workers,” or those who have lost jobs through no fault of their own (such as plant closings or permanent layoffs).

  • People considered “Dislocated Homemakers,” or those (generally) women who were reliant upon a spousal income for financial support, but who no longer have that support due to some form of separation.

  • Individuals with disabling mental or physical conditions.
  • Low income individuals seeking to upgrade their skills in order to obtain a higher paying job.

  • Custom Computer Training is also available to businesses wishing to have an employee or a group of employees trained in a particular software application.

To see if you are eligible, please contact the office (link to the office list) closest to you. You can also contact Lea Vincent, Director of the Employment Training Division.

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