All About Clean Slate - Pratt County - Get your record cleared

Here is a recording of the presentation telling all about getting your record cleared in Pratt county or city:

This program helps people who are seeking assistance with clearing Pratt city or county criminal convictions from their record. This process is called expunging records.

All applicants will be screened for eligibility and eligible participants will receive assistance with their expungement. Not all convictions are expungable.

We'll be accepting applications February 1st through 19th, 2021 online or by phone 1-800-723-6953 (be sure to mention Pratt Clean Slate!).  


This project is funded through the Kansas Bar Foundation CRHA Grant Program and is a partnership between the Pratt County Attorney, Pratt Municipal Attorney, Pratt District and Municipal Courts and Kansas Legal Services.  

Posted: January 27, 2021