Earned Income Tax Credit 2021 - Are you eligible?

The IRS wants to give you the windfall you deserve!!!

To claim the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), you must have what qualifies as earned income and meet certain adjusted gross income (AGI) and credit limits for the current, previous and upcoming tax years.

Use the EITC tables to look up maximum credit amounts by tax year.

If you are unsure if you can claim the EITC, use the EITC Qualification Assistant.

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Did you know that:

  • Nationwide during 2020, 25 million eligible workers and families received about $62 billion in EITC
    • The average amount of EITC received nationwide was about $2,4611

Are you eligible?

  • Find the maximum AGI, investment income and credit amounts for tax year 2021.

    Children or Relatives Claimed

    Maximum AGI
    (filing as Single, Head of Household, Widowed or Married Filing Separately*)

    Maximum AGI
    (filing as Married Filing Jointly)













    Investment income limit: $10,000 or less

    Maximum Credit Amounts
    The maximum amount of credit you can claim

  • No qualifying children: $1,502

  • 1 qualifying child: $3,618

  • 2 qualifying children: $5,980

  • 3 or more qualifying children: $6,728
  • * Taxpayers claiming the EITC who file Married Filing Separately must meet the eligibility requirements under the special rule in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) of 2021.

About one-third of the EITC eligible population turns over each year, so check your EITC eligibility today at www.IRS.gov/eitc.

  • EITC can be a boost to you, your family and community. Anyone with earnings of $55,844 or less should see if they qualify at www.IRS.gov/eitc or visit a volunteer tax assistance site.
  • Four of five eligible workers claim and get their EITC.
  • We want to raise that number to five out of five.

You earned it, "now file, claim it and get it." See if you qualify at www.IRS.gov/eitc.


Posted: December 16, 2021