Earned Income Tax Credit -- Are you eligible?

The IRS wants to give you the windfall you deserve!!!

EITC could put an extra $2 or up to $6,660 into the pockets of eligible taxpayers (even more if they live in a state with a similar state credit). This is money taxpayers can use to make their lives a little easier now or money they can put away for a rainy day. 

But workers must file a tax return and claim the credit to receive it. And, that all begins with awareness of EITC.

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Did you know that:

  • Nationwide during 2020, 25 million eligible workers and families received about $62 billion in EITC
    • The average amount of EITC received nationwide was about $2,4611

Are you eligible?

  • EITC is for workers whose income does not exceed the following limits in 2020:
    • $50,954 ($56,844 married filing jointly) with three or more qualifying children
    • $47,7440 ($53,330 married filing jointly) with two qualifying children
    • $41,756 ($47,646 married filing jointly) with one qualifying child
    • $15,820 ($21,710 married filing jointly) with no qualifying children

** Investment income must be $3,650 or less

  • Children must meet certain relationship, age, residency and joint return requirements to be a qualifying child.
  • See if your child qualifies you for EITC; see "Qualifying Child Rules" on irs.gov or Publication 596.

Take the credit you’re due. The EITC credit ranges from:

  • $11 to $6,660 with three or more qualifying children
  • $10 to $5,920 with two qualifying children
  • $9 to $3,584 with one qualifying child
  • $2 to $538 with no qualifying children

About one-third of the EITC eligible population turns over each year, so check your EITC eligibility today at www.IRS.gov/eitc.

  • EITC can be a boost to you, your family and community. Anyone with earnings of $55,844 or less should see if they qualify at www.IRS.gov/eitc or visit a volunteer tax assistance site.
  • Four of five eligible workers claim and get their EITC.
  • We want to raise that number to five out of five.

You earned it, "now file, claim it and get it." See if you qualify at www.IRS.gov/eitc.


Posted: January 27, 2021