KLS-New Director of Litigation and Advocacy, Casey Johnson

Casey Johnson has been selected as the Director of Litigation and Advocacy for KLS. 

Casey is beginning to take on some duties as he transitions out of his current job, as Assistant Managing Attorney for KLS- Kansas City. 

Among the job duties are 

  • supporting internal substantive law task forces that include strategizing on emerging issues or those of common interest;
  • co-counseling major litigation;
  • keeping abreast of changes in the law that affect the client population or program advocacy;
  • distributing an internal docket of ongoing litigation and otherwise publicizing program success stories;
  • identifying and developing training to increase the program's capacity to engage in more complete litigation; and
  • leading the complex litigation team in proactively encouraging and supporting complex litigation and other broad advocacy in addition to its role in reviewing and approving appeals.

We are so happy to have Casey in this new role. 

KLS-New Director of Litigation and Advocacy, Casey Johnson

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