2022 Request for Bids for Telecommunications Consultant


Kansas Legal Services, Inc. (KLS) seeks consultant bids to perform a telecommunications assessment.


KLS is a state-wide, nonprofit law firm that delivers free legal aid to people and families who are low income. KLS operates eleven field offices that serve 105 mostly rural Kansas counties in a geographically large state. KLS serves approximately 25,000 persons per year. We handle legal cases that keep clients in stable housing, find safety from domestic abuse, maintain family stability, and ensure that households have sufficient income to meet their basic needs. In addition to representing clients in court, we deliver legal education programs to client communities and other social services providers. 


KLS received a Legal Services Corporation Technology Improvement Project (TIP) grant to fund a  telecommunications assessment that will refine and reinforce our operations infrastructure.


Our recent experiences with large-scale remote work over the past two years have highlighted technology’s power to improve our staffs’ communication and collaboration. These improved efficiencies all result in clients served better, faster, and with the appropriate deployment of KLS resources. On the flipside of this coin, our pandemic-era experience has also suggested workflow weak points that telecommunication solutions can improve. Through this grant, we want an assessment, a necessary starting point for us to capitalize on our communications strengths while diagnosing and addressing our shortcomings. The end outcome we envision: enabling our  advocates to work smartly, efficiently, and impactfully for clients.


Telecommunications Assessment, including a final assessment report with:

  1. communications infrastructure strengths and areas of improvement;
  2. findings, including a list of technical concerns, and recommendations;
  3. findings and recommendations for our telecommunications policies and procedures, including those relating to employee-owned devices, mobile device management, and working from home;
  4. findings on the functional adequacy of our telephone systems and recommendations for upgrades;
  5. staff survey results that can be used for planning and training.


Bids are due by 5 PM (CST) on January 31, 2022, and a consultant will be selected by February 20, 2022. Proposals should be “total cost” bids.


  1. Bid Submission Instructions: Proposals must be submitted to Melissa Nolte, Grantwriter and Website Coordinator at  noltem@klsinc.org by no later than 5 PM CST on January 31, 2022. All bids must use the proposal format outlined in this RFB.
  2. Costs of Preparing Responses: KLS will not pay any consultant costs associated with preparing responses submitted in response to this RFB.
  3. Responses Property of KLS: All responses, accompanying documentation and other materials submitted in response to this RFB shall become the property of KLS and will not be returned.
  4. Proprietary Information/Public Disclosure: To the fullest extent possible, all responses received shall remain confidential.
  5. RFB Amendments/Cancellation/Reissue/Reopen: KLS reserves the right to change the RFB Schedule or issue amendments to this RFB at any time. KLS also reserves the right to cancel or reissue the RFB. Any such changes will be posted on https://kansaslegalservices.org
  6. Minor Administrative Irregularities: KLS reserves the right to waive     minor administrative irregularities contained in any response.
  7. No Obligation to Enter a Contract: The release of this RFB does not compel KLS to enter any contract. KLS reserves the right to refrain from contracting with any consultant that has responded to this RFB whether or not the consultant's response has been evaluated and whether or not the consultant has been determined to be qualified. Exercise of this reserved right does not affect KLS’s right to contract with any other consultant. KLS reserves the right to request an interview with any consultant and/or a demonstration from any consultant prior to entering a contract.
  8. Non-Endorsement: The selection of a consultant pursuant to this RFB does not constitute an endorsement of the consultant's services. The consultant agrees to make no reference to KLS in any literature, promotional material, brochures, sales presentations, or the like without KLS’s express written consent.
  9. Contract Payment Limitations: 34% of total paid upon contract execution, 33% of total paid on an agreed upon midpoint, and 33% of total paid upon completion of project.


  1. Introduction/executive summary, including project understanding, recommendations & objectives.
  2. Detailed timeline for the project including an approximate start date.
  3. Project budget estimates and cost projections.
  4. A statement that guarantees that the proposal is a valid offer for sixty (60) days from its receipt by KLS and that KLS may accept the offer at any time during the 60-day period.
  5. Company or agency profile, including background, capabilities, experience, and other relevant experience/skills.
  6. Disclosure of any relevant conflicts of interest and pending lawsuits in which the consultant is a party.
  7. Customer communication and evaluation procedures.
  8. Provide two (2) references (with phone and email contact) for other telecommunication assessments and technology audits you have completed or participated in.


This RFB will be released on January 10, 2022. Consultants should email questions to Melissa Nolte, Grantwriter and Website Coordinator, at noltem@klsinc.orgProposals are due by 5 PM  CST on January 31, 2022. Our staff will review proposals, possibly conduct interviews or ask questions of the consultants, and select a final consultant by February 20, 2022, with work to begin shortly thereafter. The selected consultant will be expected to enter into a contract with KLS. Consultants whose responses have not been selected for further negotiations or award will be notified via email.



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