Funding to Help Kansans with Rent and Utilities

The Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC) has announced it has a new round of Kansas Emergency Rental Assistance (KERA) funding to distribute to Kansas renters.

Watch this short video.

KERA Round 2 does not require a COVID impact; it just requires some kind of financial impact resulting in trouble paying rent/utilities for Kansas renters. Renters can self-attest to this hardship.

KERA Round 2 funding can be accessed through the same website and same application process as before:


Total KERA support now includes: up to 18 months of rental support – including back rent, prospective rent, utility assistance and assistance paying for internet.


  • self-attest to some kind of financial impact in the past months/years (going back to April 2020) resulting in trouble paying rent and/or utilities that is contributing to housing instability, and
  • household has an income of 80% or less of the Area Median Income.

KHRC is now reporting that they have caught up on application backlog and is processing applications in approximately 4 weeks.

Please spread the word that KERA is now open to folks who have a financial hardship affecting their ability to pay rent/causing housing instability and have income of 80% or less of Area Median Income (no COVID-impact required).


Funding to Help Kansans with Rent and Utilities

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