► This version of a Kansas Living Will may be signed in the presence of a notary, rather than two unrelated witnesses.

What is a Living Will?

  • A signed, notarized or witnessed legal document.
  • The living will provides that if two doctors agree that you will not recover from a terminal condition, your life will not be artificially prolonged. You will be allowed to die naturally.
  • Medicine and procedures for comfort care will still be administered.
  • Must be 18 and competent to execute.
  • Witnesses must be 18 and cannot be the agent or relative of the person or have a financial interest in the estate.
  • The Living Will applies only when the person has been diagnosed and certified as terminally ill by two doctors. One of the doctors is the patient’s attending physician.
  • Terminally ill tends to mean that death will probably occur within six months, regardless of whether life-sustaining measures are used.
  • The Living Will does not apply to a person in a coma or persistent vegetative state unless the person is also diagnosed as terminally ill.
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Form revised 07/15/2016.

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