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Divorce - Interactive Forms

Please check the list below to make sure you will qualify to use the interactive forms currently available:

  • You and your spouse do not have minor children.
  • You and your spouse do not own expensive property.
  • You have lived in Kansas for the past 60 days.

If any of the above statements are false then you do not qualify to use this form.

The form you need depends on the where in the process you are.

To begin the divorce:

ExclamationDivorce Petition (without minor children)

ExclamationRequest to Waive Filing Fees (use this form when your financial situation prevents you from paying the court filing fees, of about $175)

To reply to a divorce petition that you have received:

ExclamationDivorce Reply (without minor children)

To prepare a final divorce decree: This form can be used by either spouse as a proposal or agreed final order.

ExclamationFinal Divorce Order (required in all cases)  (without minor children)

These forms are not for commercial use and charging for their use in any way is prohibited.

Interactive forms are available for free to low-income individuals seeking a divorce in Kansas.

Note: You must have Macromedia Flash (Shockwave) to view the interactive interviews. Download it for free by clicking HERE! Then click Install Now.