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Explains what a payday lender can and cannot do under Kansas law. If you believe a payday lender has violated this statute, see the link to the Attorney General's Consumer Complaint form that can be filled out and submitted on the web.    Kansas Payday Loan Statute  
This info will give you a better look at the problems with payday loans. It will also give you other options available.   In a nutshell, payday loan organizations prey on low-income families. That is because they tend to have fewer resources for cash. Often, these loans end up making their financial situation worse. Please read this before you consider a payday loan.    Kansas Attorney General on Payday Loans      
In recent years, the majority of mainstream lenders have left the small loan market, leaving a vacuum being filled by companies offering payday loans. These are extremely high interest loans that extend until the borrower's next pay check. This webpage discusses the ways in which payday loans, car title loans, overdraft loans and refund anticipation loans negatively affect low income families who are least able to get other types of credit.  Payday Loans

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