Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence or abuse can sometimes be difficult to admit or even understand.  Here are some visuals that might help.  If one of the situations within either of these "Power and Control" wheels exists in your situation, please be sure to let us know.   Regardless of what specific legal issue you're contacting us about, understanding this part of your situation could prove vital in our help to you. 
The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV) and Facebook have teamed up to offer tips for survivors of abuse so that you can still use Facebook but maintain safety and control over your information. This guide is aimed at helping survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking with how to use Facebook in a way that ensures that they stay connected with friends and family, but control their safety and privacy to help prevent misuse by abusers, stalkers, and perpetrators to stalk and harass.
By Marilyn Harp, Executive Director of Kansas Legal Services September 2017  
By Lonnie A. Powers  Executive Director, Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation    From the Huffington Post
This guided interview will give you must-know info about Kansas protection orders -- Protection From Abuse (PFA) and Protection From Stalking (PFS). It explains important safety concerns, necessary qualifications, court processes, possible relief, resources and other considerations that you should think about before seeking a protection order.

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