Abuse and Stalking

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Find resources on filing Protection from Abuse (PFA) or Protection from Stalking (PFS) orders, Frequently asked questions about domestic violence and the courts, crime victim compensation, and tips on preparing for going to court for protection from abuse or stalking orders.

Please also see the topic, Abuse and Neglect, for more resources.

If you need to leave this page for any reason, please click on the "Quick Exit" red button here.     This guided interview will give you must-know info about Kansas protection orders -- Protection From Abuse (PFA) and Protection From Stalking (PFS).
You should review this information before completing the Protection from Abuse forms provided by the Kansas courts.   Also, check out PFA Tips & Tricks HERE.
This is a complete set of the Kansas Protection from Abuse forms in English, with a Spanish translation underneath. The form should be completed in English, as much as possible, as the Court personnel who must review the forms may not be able to understand information provided in Spanish.    
The Kansas Department for Children and Families has Adult Protection information on abuse, neglect and how to get help.  http://www.dcf.ks.gov/services/PPS/Pages/APS/AdultProtectiveServices.aspx   Adult Protective Services (APS) responds to reports of abuse, neglect or exploitation of adults. Intervention is available to adults age 18 and older who are unable to protect themselves.
Apply for crime victims compensation in Kansas through the Kansas Attorney General's office: https://ag.ks.gov/victim-services/victim-compensation Resources for victims of crime in Kansas:  https://ag.ks.gov/victim-services Know your rights as a victim of crime

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