Small Claims Court -- basic information

Kansas small claims court was established in 1973 to provide a simple, informal procedure for people to settle smaller legal problems cheaply and quickly. Americans have always had the right to represent themselves in a courtroom. In small claims court, the parties represent themselves on small legal matters without attorneys.

  • Small claims court is only for simple cases to recover money or property worth less than $4,000.00.
  • You cannot be represented by a lawyer in small claims.
  • No person can file more than 20 small claims cases in one calendar year.
  • The sheriff's office charges a fee to personally serve a summons.

Filing a Small Claims Case:

  • Go to the Clerk of the District Court office in the County where the defendant resides.
  • Have with you the name and address of the person being sued.
  • The Clerk will provide you with a small claims filing packet.
  • You may fill out the petition in the office or take it home to complete.
  • When you turn in the completed petition, you must pay the filing fee and sheriff's charge if the summons is to be served personally.
  • The Clerk will process the petition and set a trial date for your case.


Here is a brochure from the Kansas Bar Association that may answer any more questions you have about small claims courts in Kansas.


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