Information Needed for Divorce with Children

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Information Needed for Divorce with Children Interactive Interview

The interactive interview will ask you questions. This is to gather the info needed to complete all the forms for filing a divorce in Kansas.  There is a lot of data you will need to complete these forms.  

Use this checklist to get all the needed info before you begin completing these forms.  The checklist format will allow you to print and mark the list to be certain you have all the needed info.

About you:

_____   Your home address

_____   Your work address

_____   A pay stub showing earnings and deductions for taxes, Social Security, etc.

  • If you are paid more often than monthly, take the pay stub amounts and figure the monthly amount.  If you are paid twice a month, double the amount on the pay stub.  If you are paid every other week, multiply the amount by 26 and divide by 12.  If you are paid weekly, multiply the amount by 52 and divide by 12.

_____  Your rough monthly expenses for rent, food, utilities, child care and prescription drugs and other expenses

_____   Your value for annual insurance costs and medical expenses (divide by 12 to show monthly amount)

_____   List of all bank accounts, showing bank name and the amount in the bank account (guessed amount, like from last bank statement)

 _____  Recent credit card statements for amount due

_____   List of other debts for you and your spouse

The following info for your spouse, if it is handy to you:

 _____  Spouse’s address at home

_____  Spouse’s address at work

_____  Spouse’s birthdate and Social Security Number

For property and other things owned by you or your spouse:

_____  List of home or other land owned jointly or apart. This includes the legal description of the land (Call the Register of Deeds office in your county or look at the deed) and value (from tax notice).

_____  List of cars and other assets that have a title showing ownership, description and value

_____  Retirement account statements (usually the last quarterly statement, but not necessary). It must show the Name of the Plan, estimated amount in the account and any investment company that holds that account

_____  Name of Health Insurance company that now covers your spouse (if you are the primary insured)

About children (you need this info for all children with your spouse and any children of you or your spouse)

For children with your spouse:

_____  Child’s full name, age, date of birth and Social Security Number

_____  Address where the children lived during the last 5 years and person(s) with whom they live. 

  • You will also need the current address for anyone not a parent with whom the child has lived.

_____   Copies of other court orders affecting the children, including CINC, PFA, out of state custody orders

If you or your spouse have other children under age 18 (whether or not they live with you):

_____  Child’s full name, age, date of birth and Social Security Number

_____  Amount of child support truly paid for the children and who pays the support 


To begin the divorce:

ExclamationDivorce Petition (with minor children)

ExclamationRequest to Waive Filing Fee (use this form when your financial situation prevents you from paying the court filing fees, of about $175)


To reply to a divorce petition that you have received:

ExclamationDivorce Reply (with minor children)

To prepare a final divorce decree: This form can be used by either spouse as a proposal to present to the Judge to use as a final order, or, if signed by both spouses, as an agreed final order.

ExclamationFinal Divorce Order (required in all cases)  


Here is this list if you want to download it.

Information Needed for Divorce with Children Interactive Interview






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