Instructions for the Motion to Modify Child Support

These instructions are meant to give a step-by-step guide to file a motion to change child support. 

It will  help you create all the forms you need to file the Motion to Modify Child Support.

If the change is because of income changes, especially a reduction in income, it is important to file a motion as soon as the income changes (up or down).  There is limited ability to change the amount of support for months before you file the motion to change the amount of support.  

Support must change by 10% before the Court will consider your motion.  You may want to complete a Child Support Worksheet separately to make sure the amount of change is enough to allow this motion.

The online interview form allows you to prepare a Child Support Worksheet or skip it, if you already have one completed.

There is a lot of paperwork involved in filing this motion.  You may find the online interview to be lengthy.  However, this information is all needed to get all the paperwork you need to file the motion and the order to allow the Judge to grant it.

*** Online interviews can be found here. ***

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Instructions for the Motion to Modify Child Support

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