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Everything you need to know about child support in Kansas.

Do you have a child that needs your support? As parents, we sometimes miss out on certain opportunities in our children’s lives. If you currently have a child support case in Kansas you can attend an informational presentation to gain knowledge and understanding about your current situation and case and hear frequently asked questions and answers. Raising a family and providing for your child today requires more than one parent. Many agencies can offer assistance to those willing to communicate their needs and reach out.
All the information one needs to know about getting, modifying, challenging and other issues about child support in Kansas.
From the IRS: Am I eligible to claim the child and dependent care credit? Kansas Legal Services provides forms as a service to low income Kansans and to assist overloaded Kansas courts.  Forms are easy to use, interactive forms that will produce documents necessary for filing or responding to legal actions in Kansas district courts. The child support forms available are listed below.
All Kansas Judges use the Kansas Child Support guidelines to figure the Child Support paid.  It is the duty of the parties to bring a worksheet prepared following those rules to Court at the time of the final divorce hearing. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about interactive interviews. 
These instructions are meant to give a step-by-step guide to file a motion to change child support.  It will  help you create all the forms you need to file the Motion to Modify Child Support.
DCF Online is the Kansas Department for Children and Families online request for benefits and services. Here's how DCF Online can help you: If you would like to get printable copies of claims for DCF services click this link.
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