Are you eligible to become a U.S. citizen? Find out.

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Who is Citizenshipworks for?

Citizenshipworks is for residents of the United States who are eligible to apply for naturalization.

They must show that:

  • They have been a Lawful Permanent Resident (have a green card) and have lived in the United States for several years;
  • They are of “good moral character,” including that they have paid their taxes and followed the laws of the United States;
  • They are not a threat to national security; and
  • They support the U.S. Constitution and are willing to take an oath of allegiance to the United States.


Frequently Asked Questions in English and Spanish are available.


Why use Citizenshipworks instead of just filling out the form directly?

Anyone can download the naturalization form and fill it out directly. However, by using Citizenshipworks, legal information and definitions are provided for better understanding and potential legal issues are flagged. In addition, Citizenshipworks walks you through the document so that you know which fields you need to complete and which you don’t. Citizenshipworks provides an added benefit for those who are more comfortable filling out the form in Spanish. The downloadable form cannot be submitted in Spanish. The Citizenshipworksinterview can be used in Spanish to generate an English N-400 application form.


¿Citizenshipworks ofrece consejo legal?

Citizenshipworks no ofrece consejo legal, y sus creadores no son un despacho de abogados. El sistema determina si hay asuntos legales comunes y "alerta" a una aplicación con una marca de seguridad. Luego, el solicitante de la ciudadanía puede ponerse en contacto con alguien en nuestra red de expertos legales quienes pueden discutir el problema y ayudar a resolver esas alertas a través del sistema.

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