Kansas Parenting Plan

This is a form that can be filled in to prepare a Kansas Parenting Plan.

  • It can be used by parents who are in agreement to complete together.
  • This can be filed with the Court, if there is a case already filed (like a child support or paternity case).  Otherwise, each party can follow it.  If not followed, a case can be filed with the court to enforce this agreement. 
  • It can also be used by one parent to make a proposal to the Court for a Parenting Plan.
  • If used to seek a court order, it must be followed by a Motion for Parenting Time and other needed documents. 

Here is the Kansas Parenting Plan, a fillable form from the Kansas Judicial Council website.

► We have also included a document of other provisions that could be added to the plan, should you wish to do so.

  • These include travel costs, telephone contact between parents and children, and more. 

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