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Please see the Topic: Child Support for all about child support issues in Kansas.

The Children’s Advocacy Resource Center (CARC)  is a statewide program dedicated to providing legal advice or services to families caring for children in or at risk of entering the foster care system. CARC also provides resources for legal professionals who represent children or work as Guardians ad Litem. 
Hay servicios disponibles para todos los residentes de Kansas de 20 años de edad o menos, incluso para los individuos que estén o hayan estado en régimen de acogida . Muchísimos recursos a su alcance Asistencia y resolución de problemas por teléfono para ayudar a resolver la crisis de salud conductual de un niño Apoyo por teléfono con recomendaciones de recursos de la comunidad o para participar en servicios de estabilización Asistencia en persona a través del servicio de respuesta movil a crisis si la crisis no se puede resolver por teléfono
833-441-2240   Kansas Department of Children and Families launched the Mobile Crisis Helpline for additional support for eligible Kansans in need during a crisis.
The Children’s Advocacy Resource Center (CARC) has been a part of Kansas Legal Services since 1999. CARC is a statewide program providing complete support and legal services to people serving and caring for homeless children and children involved in our state foster care system.   CARC operates a toll-free helpline for foster youth.
This coloring book helps children understand what they will face when going to court, including meeting judges, attorneys, and counselors. 
These forms are provided by Kansas courts for use in filing for a Protection from Abuse order in Kansas. This link will take you to a variety of forms used in this type of court action. After reviewing the other forms, you must complete the Petition for Protection Order. If there are children involved, you must complete the UCCJEA Affidavit. These forms should be taken to the Clerk of the District Court, located in the County Courthouse.
This is a complete set of the Kansas Protection from Abuse forms in English, with a Spanish translation underneath. The form should be completed in English, as much as possible, as the Court personnel who must review the forms may not be able to understand information provided in Spanish.    

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