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Here is more about all the different do-it-yourself forms available for divorce in Kansas.   Go here to find out about many different forms to use for a do it yourself divorce: https://www.kansaslegalservices.org/topics/124/divorce  
  Please check the list below to make sure you will qualify to use the interactive forms currently available: You and your spouse have no minor children. You and your spouse do not own expensive property. You have lived in Kansas for the past 60 days. If any of the above statements are false then you do not qualify to use this form. The form you need depends on where in the process you are. To begin the divorce:
This guide provides help to anyone who may have to file a divorce in Kansas.   It is helpful for self represented persons and those who obtain the assistance of an attorney.   It provides definitions of legal terms, answers many frequently asked questions and generally prepares a Kansas litigant for the issues that may arise during a divorce.   ► This guide is also available in .pdf format at the bottom of the page.  
Information Needed for Divorce with Children Interactive Interview The interactive interview will ask you questions. This is to gather the info needed to complete all the forms for filing a divorce in Kansas.  There is a lot of data you will need to complete these forms.   Use this checklist to get all the needed info before you begin completing these forms.  The checklist format will allow you to print and mark the list to be certain you have all the needed info. About you:
Instructions for Divorce – With Children
In an effort to assist self represented litigants in representing themselves in Court, this set of questions for use at a final hearing have been developed.
 These are the instructions only that accompany the forms prepared by the Kansas Judicial Counsel and available to self represented litigants for filing a reply (answer) to a Divorce Petition, where there are no minor children in the marriage. Current as of 12/16
These are the instructions that go only with the Judicial Council forms for filing a Divorce in Kansas (no children) for Self Represented litigants. They are current as of May, 2022. 
These are the instructions ONLY. They were prepared by the Kansas Judicial Council and have been slightly modified for clarity. The attached version has not been modified. They are for preparing a Reply to a Divorce Petition in Kansas, in a marriage in which there are no minor children. They are current as of July, 2009.  AFTER reading the instructions, check out the “Divorce -- No Minor Children - Interactive Forms” link at the bottom of the page.
This is a form that is needed with a final divorce decree. It is only needed when there are minor children involved.

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