Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence Newsletter had this helpful article. Photo is courtesy of KCSDV.   Find a map and listings of Kansas sexual and domestic violence victim advocacy programs at https://www.kcsdv.org/find-help/in-kansas/dv-sa-services-map.
What is the difference between a PFA and a No Contact/No Violent Contact Order? No Contact/No Violent Contact  *issued in a criminal case *generally a condition of bond or probation *usually expires at sentencing or upon    successful completion of probation Protect from Abuse (PFA) *civil remedy *lasts for up to one year *may be extended for one additional year
This guided interview will give you must-know info about Kansas protection orders -- Protection From Abuse (PFA) and Protection From Stalking (PFS). It explains important safety concerns, necessary qualifications, court processes, possible relief, resources and other considerations that you should think about before seeking a protection order.

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