From KCSDV: Where Can I Get a Protection Order?

Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence Newsletter had this helpful article. Photo is courtesy of KCSDV.

Find a map and listings of Kansas sexual and domestic violence victim advocacy programs at

You can get a protection order in three ways:

Online: Blank Petitions for a Protection From Abuse (PFA) and a Protection From Stalking, Sexual Assault, or Human Trafficking (PFSSAHT) orders are available at no cost on the Kansas Judicial Council website at

On this webpage, select one of the two petitions by clicking the name of the protection order you are seeking; after clicking, you will be directed to another webpage, and on this other page, click “Petition” to access the petition.

Clerk’s Office: The physical, already-printed petitions can be obtained in person from your local court clerk.

Local Program: Most local sexual and domestic violence advocacy programs have physical copies of the forms already printed, or the staff and advocates at the program can help you find the correct form for your situation online.

To connect with your local advocacy program, visit the KCSDV website at

An advocate or attorney can discuss the petitions with you and help you with the process of submitting a petition.

They can help in completing the form, answer any questions you might have, and might also be able to provide information to you in deciding whether the benefits of a protection order outweigh the risks for you legally and personally based on what you feel and know is best for you. 

Apply for services from Kansas Legal Services to get the assistance of an attorney by calling 800-723-6953 or apply online.

If any advocates and attorneys have questions about protection orders, please contact KCSDV’s Protection Project Coordinator:

Check out Resources for Survivors of Abuse and Stalking from Kansas Legal Services.

From KCSDV: Where Can I Get a Protection Order?

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