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The Wyandotte County District Attorney's Office will hold its 4th Annual Expungement Fair on December 14th and 15th with assistance from Kansas Legal Services. The location will be the Kansas City, Kansas Community College Technical Center, located at 6565 State Avenue. The time will be from 3pm to 7pm  both days. The prescreening process is now underway.
Criminal records can make it difficult to get a lease, find employment, and function fully in society. Criminal record expungement is such as important possibility under Kansas law for individuals who have completed their sentences, made changes in their lives and who are now seeking to move beyond that that stigma and the barriers resulting from past mistakes.
Is a criminal record holding you back? Need a clean slate? The Topeka Bar Association Expungement Day Project offers individuals the opportunity to have certain Adult Criminal Arrests, Convictions and Diversions expunged.

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