Kansas Legal Services offers five different videos to help you help yourself with different legal issues!   7:05
KLS has brief videos (five minutes or less) to help you understand the court process if you are representing yourself in court.  One video tells you how to get ready for court, and one video takes you through the experience of going to court. KLS also has two brief videos to help you with understanding your rights in debt collection and how to deal with debt collectors.
Check out two videos to help you know your rights in debt collection and also how to deal with debt collectors. The links are here:
Kansas Legal Services wants to help Kansans who need legal services, but we also want to help Kansans who decide to represent themselves in court. We have put together two videos.  One video describes the best ways to get ready to go to court.  The other video tells you what to expect once you are actually in court. Please view either video, or both, and give us your feedback in one or more of the links below.

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