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Kansas Legal Services (KLS) was born in 1964 during the War on Poverty, and became a statewide organization in 1977. KLS provides legal services to alleviate low income Kansans’ poverty burdens. KLS has eleven legal services field offices and two mediation offices located across Kansas. In 2019, the Board of Directors examined KLS’ mission statement and reaffirmed it with this simple statement:
From KSNT  By Matthew Self, December 1, 2022 An order signed on December 1 by Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Marla Luckert is set to help fulfill the legal needs of rural Kansans.
Please watch this video, with an introduction by Marilyn Harp, Executive Director, that shows you all the work that KLS does for Kansans.    You can donate to KLS by going here.
Here's a short video that shows you the basic steps to join a Zoom meeting on your phone.  
Here is our nonprofit determination letter from the IRS, our 501(3)(c) letter.
These two videos on getting ready for court and going to court will answer most of your questions about how to prepare and what to do when you get there.   5:23 Getting Ready For Court Getting Ready for Court tells you how you can get ready for that court experience, whether it's for a divorce or a traffic ticket, this explains how you should prepare for the big day.    
Here are just a few of the stories about the fine work done by KLS staffers to help people resolve legal barriers that compromise their well-being.  Attached is a flyer with these stories, and a map that shows the location of KLS field offices in Kansas.  
The document attached details the rules, regulations and guidelines of the Legal Services Corporation (LSC). LSC is the major funder of Kansas Legal Services and also funds other legal aid organizations around the country, in every state. LSC receives funding from the U.S. Congress every year to distrbute to legal aid organizations.
Kansas Legal Services has hundreds of success stories that celebrate the outcomes of helping individuals and families in a variety of ways. From finding shelter and security for a family fleeing an abusive situation to confronting a harassing debt collection agency, Kansas Legal Services staff have been on the front lines of fighting for equal access to justice for vulnerable Kansans.
  WARNING: Some organizations are using the name Legal Aid to sell do-it-yourself legal kits for a profit, usually between $175 to $300 or more. The kit usually does not meet the requirements of the Kansas courts and is useless. Other organizations are promising to move you up on the Legal Aid waiting list for a fee. Please be aware that Kansas Legal Services will never ask you for payment for do-it-yourself legal kits, to move your place in line, to speed up your case, for legal fees or other expenses.

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