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These topics cover living wills, "do not resusitate" orders and powers of attorney.

You have the right to make decisions now regarding your own health care in the future.  What is Advance Care Planning? Advance Care Planning is a process for helping you understand possible future health care choices. Reflect on your own values and goals and discuss your choices with those persons closest to you. You may also put your wishes in writing in case you become unable to make your own decisions in the future.
The main question these documents address is “who controls your health care if you are not able to make decisions yourself?” The Documents: Kansas statutes make two legal documents available to you to make sure your wishes are followed:
Use this document (fillable form attached below) to chose the person who will carry out your health care instructions in case you are not conscious or are unable to make those decisions. You do not have to chose a family member. If you do, make sure to give that person a notarized copy. Also share the document with other family members and give a copy to your doctor. This document only gives powers to your chosen person while you are living. You may take away that power or change it at any time.
What is a Power of Attorney for Children? These forms (available at the end of the page) can be used to give another person the power to care for your child in a crisis. With this document, another person will have legal authority for health, medical and other major decisions, within limits, when you're absent. A Power of Attorney for Children is most often used by parents to allow a short-term caretaker to make decisions. This is often used when they're gone for work, vacation or otherwise out of town.

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