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Do you need a will? Read this page and decide. Also information is available on estate planning and frequently asked questions about probate.

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This information and checklist were prepared as a handout for clients who are thinking about a will and looking at alternatives. It is all in the pdf document attached at the bottom of the page.  DO YOU NEED A WILL? Elder Law Advice line at 316-265-2252   Many people believe that a will is the best way to express their desires for disposing of their property after their death.  This may or may not be true.  There are other things to consider. 
Your estate consists of everything you own: your home, personal property, car, land, stocks and bonds, life insurance and any other property in which you have an ownership interest. Estate planning is a plan for how you will acquire property, use it, conserve it and, perhaps most importantly, how it will be transferred upon your death. There is no way to determine your wishes regarding distribution of your property after your death unless you take appropriate steps prior to your death. Estate planning can be beneficial no matter what the size of the estate. 

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