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This page will help you understand the process for changing the gender marker on a Kansas birth certificate. The processes are slightly different for birth certificates of adults and minors. There are different guides at the bottom of this page for each type of change. Be sure to read the correct guide for your situation.
This page is intended to be a guide for all issues involving children. Whether you are a child or have a child and need an answer, we'll help you get to the right place.  Don't know where to go next? Just answer the questions in the guide and let it do the work for you!  It'll help you get to the right starting point for your issue.         
The Johnson County District Court Help Center is designed primarily to assist those who cannot afford an attorney in family law cases and in eviction cases. The Help Center is located on the first floor of the Johnson County Courthouse, (100 N. Kansas Avenue, Olathe.) “The Help Center was designed to meet the constitutional right of all citizens for access to our courts but who are unable to afford legal representation,” says Keven M. P. O'Grady. Johnson County District Court Judge.
All the information one needs to know about getting, modifying, challenging and other issues about child support in Kansas.
All Kansas Judges use the Kansas Child Support guidelines to figure the Child Support paid.  It is the duty of the parties to bring a worksheet prepared following those rules to Court at the time of the final divorce hearing. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions about interactive interviews. 
Wrong Father’s Name on the Birth Certificate Question: I signed the birth certificate of a child thinking she was mine.  I have since learned that the child is not mine. The mother has filed for child support and I had papers served on me. Is there anything I can do to get my name taken off the birth certificate? What should I do now?   A review of Kansas law related to paternity is here.
The Children’s Advocacy Resource Center (CARC) has been a part of Kansas Legal Services since 1999. CARC is a statewide program providing complete support and legal services to people serving and caring for homeless children and children involved in our state foster care system.   CARC operates a toll-free helpline for foster youth.
Guide There are two ways to change your name in Kansas: You can either petition for a change of name or ask for your former name to be restored to you as part of a divorce.  The PDF guide pictured below outlines the two options.
This coloring book helps children understand what they will face when going to court, including meeting judges, attorneys, and counselors. 

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