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[WICHITA, January 31, 2023]—Kansas Legal Services (KLS), announces the hiring of Andi J. Elmore, CP, MBL to serve as Director of the Wichita Area Driver’s License Restoration Program (WARP). On December 20, 2022, Wichita City Council voted unanimously to adopt the contract for services provided to Kansans needing assistance with restoration of their driving privileges through WARP. KLS is working in conjunction with the City of Wichita to serve the local community via this new initiative.
WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - A KAKE News investigation in 2019 revealed a huge problem in the state. There are around 200,000 suspended driver's licenses in Kansas, which come with thousands of dollars in fines, making it practically impossible to get them reinstated. KAKE's investigation started in 2019 when our senior reporter, Pilar Pedraza, nearly had her own driver's license suspended for missing a simple ticket deadline she had no idea about.
Kansas Legal Services will hold a Drivers License Clinic in CHANUTE, KS, on December 9. Location is First Christian Church, 102 N Grant Ave., Chanute, KS 66720 Legal help will include advice and education on how to get a suspended license reinstated. You must apply in advance to participate on December 9. You can apply to take part between now and December 2 to get an in-person appointment:
Drivers License Guide This guide will help you understand how to correct the name and gender marker on a Kansas drivers license or state-issued ID.  To change the name on your drivers license or state-issued ID, you will first have to obtain a name change order from a court.
Watch this video on the changes in Kansas. The Kansas Legislature passed SB 127, which became effective on May 6, 2021, made some changes that can really help people who have a suspended driver's license. 
SB 127, new law in 2021, addresses some of the issues Kansans are facing with suspended driver’s licenses. Governor Laura Kelly put into law legislation that seeks to address the issue of suspended driver’s licenses and make it easier for Kansans to resolve this issue. “I’m excited. I’m excited for the thousands of Kansans it will help drive legally,” said Wichita Democrat Sen. Oletha Faust-Goudeau. “During this time, so many people are struggling. They need to get to work to take care of their families. This is an exciting day.”
Here are the slides from the free webinar KLS held Tuesday, July 21, on Driver's License Issues in Kansas.  You can download them below.   Here is a video of the webinar.   

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