Stateside Legal

The Legal Services Corporation created a website to help military members, veterans and their families:

  • find solutions to common legal problems, and

  • find someone to help, if legal advice is needed. 

Check out the website at    LSC link  

Who is Stateside Legal for? 

This website is for members of the military, veterans, their families and advocates. The goal is to help you:

  • access benefits
  • find free legal help, and
  • better understand your legal issues

Many websites provide information for military households or veterans.  The goal of Stateside Legal is to index the best legal information available in one easy-to-use site. The site has interactive forms, videos, and legal analysis.  The site also features answers to your questions using Plain English. 

Who is behind Stateside Legal?

Two primary partnering organizations have worked together to create the Stateside Legal website. These organizations are Pine Tree Legal Assistance of Maine and the Arkansas Legal Services Partnership. In addition, the website has received help from many volunteers, including private attorneys, members of the Judge Advocate General [JAG] Corps, civilian Legal Assistance Attorneys, and veteran service officers. 

Who pays for Stateside Legal?

The Legal Services Corporation,, provided the initial funding.

To maintain and expand this website will require additional and ongoing funding.

  • If you are interested in getting more information about ways to support this effort as a business or organization, please contact Pine Tree Legal Assistance Executive Director Nan Heald at 207-774-4753.

What about local help that I'm not finding at Stateside Legal?

This is a national website focusing initially on federal programs. Many laws vary from state to state.  Stateside Legal hopes to expand its state-specific information as time goes on.  If you are aware of resources in Kansas that should be included in the site, please let Stateside Legal staff know.


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