PFA Tips & Tricks: Part 3: After Court- What to Do Now?

PFA Tips & Tricks (Guide)

This guide is meant to help people going to court for either a PFA (Protection From Abuse) or a PFS (Protection From Stalking).

It is divided into 3 pages/parts:

  1. Preparing for your PFA/PFS
  2. Going to Court for your PFA/PFS
  3. After Court- What to Do Now?

You are now on  Part 3: After Court- What to Do Now?

► Please be sure to read ALL THREE parts of this guide to make sure you are as prepared as possible going into court.

► It is also VERY important to read part 3 after court and safety plan to make sure you remain safe, no matter the outcome of your court date.

PFA Tips & Tricks: Part 3/3: After Court- What to Do Now?


Safety planning

  • KLS has written a pamphlet specifically about safety planning in regards to PFA actions.
  • Please review the Safety Planning handout before completing the PFA forms provided by the courts.
    • It may be hard to think about some of the aspects relating to safety planning. They do, after all, have something to do with avoiding your abuser. But having a plan makes taking action easier in the event something happens. It’s always good to be prepared.
    • If you have kids, make sure to share your plan with them if they are involved.
    • Share your plan with the necessary people, like who you would call if you were in trouble, or where you would stay.
    • Be one step ahead!



PFA Safety Planning Handout

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