Kansas Minor Name Change

Guidance for Pro Se Minor Name Changes


This guide is intended to help people residing in Kansas legally change the name of a minor child without the representation of an attorney.


This guide will walk you through the necessary paperwork, and the steps you will have to take after finishing the paperwork. It is intended to be informative. It does not provide legal advice. If you have questions about your legal rights or obligations, you should consult with an attorney. 


This process will legally change your name. It will grant you a court order declaring your legal name change. It will not change the name on your birth certificate. That is a separate administrative process. You can complete that process after you complete the legal name change and receive the name change order. For more information about birth certificate corrections, see the Kansas Department of Health and Environment website.


These forms should be used if both of the minor child’s parents consent to the name change.


If one or more of the parents or guardians does not consent to the name change, you should consult with an attorney about your legal options. 


Your first step in the name change process is to fill out the necessary forms for your name change. The necessary forms are attached below.  They are in Word documents. You need to have access to Microsoft Word to use these forms. The forms are also in PDF format.


We have also attached a document explaining your rights throughout the name change process Minor Name Change in Kansas - Know Your Rights 

Pro Se Minor NC Guidance.pdf
Pro Se Minor NC Guidance.pdf
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