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How do I report fraud if I received a 1099-G form for a fraudulent claim in my name?
This is information is provided by the Kansas Department of Labor -- Identity Theft in Unemployment Claims NOTE: If you receive an end-of-the-year tax form (i.e., Form 1099) from the Kansas Department of Labor, or any other state, that lists unemployment insurance compensation for which you DID NOT apply and which you did not receive -- that could mean that you are a victim of identity theft. 
Did someone misuse your Social Security number to file for a tax refund or get a job? Did a stranger claim your child as a dependent? Has a caller claiming to be from the IRS demanded you wire money right away? Learn about tax-related identity theft and IRS imposter scams -- and what you can do about them. What is tax-related identity theft?
NEW: Identity theft victims can now go get a free, custom identity theft recovery plan through the Federal Trade Commission’s website. The new one-stop website works with the FTC’s consumer complaint system, allowing consumers who are victims of identity theft to quickly file a complaint with the FTC. Then they can get a custom guide to recovery that helps simplify many of the steps involved.
The Federal Trade Commission site includes tips on how to protect yourself, as well as things to look for when spotting a scam.

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