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Te read more about child custody, visitation and support, please go to this page that explains the process when getting a divorce.
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  Below is a list of documents and information you will need to gather and keep in a safe place:
We have many resources to help you file for a divorce in Kansas, whether or not you have children. Table of Contents Click on the topic you want to explore.
Information Needed for Divorce with Children Interactive Interview The interactive interview will ask you questions. This is to gather the info needed to complete all the forms for filing a divorce in Kansas.  There is a lot of data you will need to complete these forms.   Use this checklist to get all the needed info before you begin completing these forms.  The checklist format will allow you to print and mark the list to be certain you have all the needed info. About you: _____   Your home address
Instructions for Divorce – With Children
These are the instructions ONLY. They were prepared by the Kansas Judicial Council and have been slightly modified for clarity. The attached version has not been modified. They are for preparing a Reply to a Divorce Petition in Kansas, in a marriage in which there are no minor children. They are current as of July, 2009.  AFTER reading the instructions, check out the “Divorce -- No Minor Children - Interactive Forms” link at the bottom of the page.

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