Guardianship & Conservatorship

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These resources are gathered to help guardians and conservators in doing their duties. The Kansas Judicial Council has a basic instructional program online to help guardians and conservators.
► This form is available to print in PDF or Word format at the bottom of this page. REPORT OF EXAMINATION AND EVALUATION By a □ physician □ psychologist □ social worker □ other: _____________________________ (In compliance with K.S.A. 59-3064) Attach additional sheets as necessary. (1) Date/Location of examination:_______________ , at ______________              (2) Name of proposed ward/conservatee:__________________________   
This packet can be used to end the guardianship for a person who has died. It includes instructions, a petition for termination of guardianship, an order, and the guardian's final report. Read the first page fully and be sure to follow all the steps. A conservatorship requires more paperwork.

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