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Stateside Legal  This website is designed for members of the military, Veterans, their families and advocates. The goals of are to help Service members and Veterans:
Veterans are encouraged to make an appointment by signing up via the link below or by phone.. This clinic is for Civil Legal questions or if you are in need of Legal Advice. Appointments are available in-person or via tele-video. This clinic is not for criminal issues. Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center Bldg. 26, ground floor PEC rooms | By Appointment Walk-Ins welcome, but are not guaranteed a time slot.
Note: Legal Aid Clinic for Veterans at Bob Dole VA Medical Center, Wichita April 10  Read more about it. KLS provides legal assistance for Veterans who are homeless or at-risk for homelessness.
Please share the new YouTube series, Military Matters: Money Matters with any veterans, service members, or community partners at large who you think may benefit!
This four-part guide details monetary, health care and employment services and support benefits, and helps outline the interaction between government benefits and employment or self-employment. The goal is to provide Veterans and their families enough information to understand how work income can affect benefits. It provides tools so they can stay financially secure while remaining eligible for supports and services, and assists in transitioning away from supports when appropriate, in a planned process 
The ultimate link to all benefits and services offered to Veterans. Very comprehensive site and easy to use. Find all the information you need in one place.

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